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In the late 80’s I left the corporate world to be a stay-at-home mom, but soon saw the effects of the loss of my financial contribution to our home.  I saw a gap in the market for good quality Christmas Cake, and in terms of time and profit, baking was my best option, as I could bake at home while looking after my children.  I tried many different recipes, and by fine-tuning one to perfection, I created my own original recipe that I’ve used for almost 30 years.

Client Reviews

“ABSOLUTELY DEVINE. I have been ordering from Trudi for many years. There is enough nuts and cherries in. Christmas isn’t Christmas without these Christmas Cakes.”

 Malinda Strydom

“We have been buying Christmas cakes from Trudi for many many years.  One must eat Trudi’s fruitcakes slowly…  because the time comes when there is only one slice left.  Thereafter only the memory of the lovely fruit, nuts and oh!, those extra cherries linger.” 

Sherral Herholdt

“Trudi has mastered the art of baking fruitcakes.  Her service is outstanding.  With her kind nature, she makes sure her clients are always satisfied. “

Jenny Louw

“We love Trudi’s Fruitcakes!  Try it with blue cheese on a cold winter’s night or even with a glass of wine in front of the fire.  That is if you haven’t finished it long before. “

Brenda Groenewald

” I have been buying Trudi’s Christmas cakes since 2010. In the last 10 years I have never come across Christmas cakes of such excellent quality and taste. Every year I look forward to seeing the innovative ideas Trudi comes up with to present her Christmas cakes. Due to popular demand, I ensure I order my Christmas cakes early in the year. My family and friends are in agreement that we won’t find anything better than this. Trudi pays attention to every detail and ensures you get a tasteful, high-quality Christmas cake. Absolutely essential on my tea table! “

Magda Farinha

“Trudi, Christmas without your delicious Christmas cakes would just not feel complete.”

Melinda de Swardt

” I have known Trudi for 35 years, and then she already baked Christmas cakes! And for all these year’s she has always delivered on time, creatively packaged and wrapped, as well as excellent quality and taste. It is enjoyed by many nationwide, and clients return every year for more. It can be said of few others. “

Marlene Wolmarans

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